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Seventh Generation

19. Photo Isaac Tillman BLADES35,37,38,39,40,41 was born on 16 Mar 1826 in McMinn County, Tennesee. He died on 25 Jan 1907 in Greene County, Missouri. He was buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Republic, MO.

Photo: Isaac Tillman Blades, circa 1890's

During Civil War enlisted with Phelps Missouri Infantry, Company A on 08 Aug 1861. Honorably discharged 04 Apr 1862 after serving in the Battle of Pea Ridge, Arkansas during March of 1862. It is also known as the Battle of Elkhorn Tavern.

"I was born in the state of Tenn Mar 16th 1826. My family record is as my mother give it to me to place in my Bible during her lifetime, which I did. I enlisted August 28, 1861 at the age of 36 years in Co. A. John S. Phelps Regt. Mo. Inf. to serve 6 months. Was discharged on the 11th day of April 1862 by Reason of Expiration of Term of Service at Springfield, Greene Co. Mo." (Isaac T. Blades - General Affidavit)

"Feb 28 - 62 absent on det service at Cassville, Mo" [Cassville is 40 miles north of Pea Ridge, Arkansas] (I.T. Blades, Statement of Service, Record and Pension Office, War Department)

"Colonel Phelps, Commanding Phelps' regiment of six-months' Missourians...being on detached service, made a march of 40 miles the day before the battle to join us." (Compendium of The War of the Rebellion)

The Pea Ridge Campaign, March 7, 1862. Concerning action in the area of Elkhorn Tavern. "...The fight on this part of the field was, at the beginning, a wild, isolated, irregular struggle of single batteries and their supports, sometimes almost hand to hand, instead of in serried and well-defined lines;- this accounts for the great losses on both sides. It was here that two brigades of Vandever and Dodge, with the 9th and 4th Iowa, the 35th Illinois, the 24th and Phelp's Missouri regiment,... withstood the incessant onslaught of the two Confederate brigades of Colonel Little and General Slack and the Missouri State Guards with greatest tenacity, yielding only step by step, when exhausted by losses and without ammunition..." (Battle's and Leader's of the Civil War, Vol. 1). The battlefield is now a United States Military Park. It is located in Benton County, Arkansas near the town of Garfield (http://www.nps.gov/peri)

"PHELP'S INDEPENDENT REGIMENT INFANTRY. Organized at Rolla, Mo, September 22 to December 27, 1861. Served unattached, Army of Southwest Missouri, to February, 1862. 2nd Brigade, 4th Division, Army of Southwest Missouri, to May, 1862. SERVICE.-Duty at Rolla, Mo, till February, 1862. Curtis' Campaign against Price in Missouri and Arkansas February and March. Actions at Sugar Creek and Bentonville February 17. Battles of Pea Ridge, Ark., March 6-8. Mountain Grove March 9. Mustered out May 13. 1862. Lost 2 Officers and 23 Enlisted men killed and 3 Officers and 91 Enlisted men by disease. Total 119." (Compendium of The War of the Rebellion Pg. 1340)

"Around the beginning of the Civil War, Ranson and his younger brother Isaac Tillman, were instrumental in constructing the first school (which later burned), in Pond Creek Township. Isaac had donated the land, which was located on the southwest corner of his father's farm [near the site of the current Blades Chapel cemetery]. This 14x15 log building, was thusly named "Blades" school." (Blades Lott, Pg. 32)

"METHODIST PROTESTANT. BLADES CHAPEL. ...Among the early members occur the names Garoutte, Laney and Blades. ...A recent statement dates the organization of this church in 1889, by Rev. James Turrentine, in which year a frame houe of worship was erected, valued at two thouasnd dallars. This house is located four miles north of Billings," (History of Greene County-?, History of Ozark Region-?) "Ranson and his family, were Methodists, and he brought the chance to worship that faith, into his home township. In 1889, Ranson, donated the land and $400.00, toward the construction of what is called, Blades Chapel." (Blades Lott, Pg.33)

Isaac Tillman BLADES and Nancy Ann HOOD were married on 28 Jan 1847 in Greene County, Missouri. Nancy Ann HOOD37 was born in 1824/25 in Knox (?), Tennesee. She died on 1 Mar 1894 in Greene County, Missouri. She was buried on 1 Mar 1894 in Evergreen Cemetery, Republic, MO. Isaac Tillman BLADES and Nancy Ann HOOD had the following children:



Edward Alexander Benton (Ned) BLADES.



Ranson Dudley BLADES37 was born in 1846/47.



William H. BLADES37 was born in Apr 1848.



Gideon P. BLADES37 was born in 1851/52.



Sarah Jane BLADES37 was born in 1858/59.



Eliza Ann BLADES37 was born on 12 Aug 1860.



Isaac Sigel BLADES37 was born on 13 Jun 1863.



James U. Grant BLADES37 was born in May 1866.



Nancy M BLADES37 was born in 1869.



Elizabeth T. BLADES37 was born in 1871.



Ruth J. BLADES37 was born in 1876.